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MACOG News Archive - FY08-09
Green Hills RPC Relaunches Website
GHRPC 03/17/09 Trenton, MO
Green Hills Regional Planning Commission has recently launched a new website. The site, which is located at www.ghrpc.org, represents a fresh look for the rural regional planning commission. Features include an elected officials directory and public notice postings.

Missouri RPC Directors Visit Federal Legislators
NADO 03/2/09 Washington, D.C.
Five RPC directors visited Missouri's federal legislators during the National Association of Development Organization's (NADO) annual policy conference, held March 2-4 in Washington, D.C. The directors discussed a number of issues, including EDA reauthorization, CDBG funding, and the federal stimulus package.

MACOG to Co-Host Natural Resources Workshop
U.S. Forestry 02/09/09 Jefferson City, MO
Missouri communities have seen consistent growth in the last decade, especially in the more rural regions. Our vast natural resources are key elements that have helped attract developers and companies looking to locate or expand their businesses (read more)

MACOG, Department of Conservation Partner to Provide Training
MCB 11/26/08 Jefferson City, MO
Recognizing the increased opportunities for forestry and ecological management in local planning efforts, the Missouri Department of Conservation is partnering with MACOG to provide a training program for Department personnel and local jurisdictions. These training opportunities will be focused on educating department personnel in local government planning and empowering them with the necessary tools and knowledge to better emphasize natural resources and ecology in local decision-making processes. Additionally, the program will promote green infrastructure, open space protection and ecologically based community planning options to local governments, in partnership with Missouri’s regional planning commissions and the Department of Conservation.

With MACOG, Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) and Patti Banks Associates,this training program will bring to the table some of the state’s leading experts and practitioners in local government planning and natural resources programming. Over 400 hours of professional expertise will be applied to ensure workshop participants will be equipped to properly evaluate the needs and advantages of natural resources in local and regional planning efforts. The project will invigorate the partnership between the Department of Conservation field staff and their regional planning commission so a common message of support and advocacy can be shared to their local communities.

MACOG Wins Excellence in Planning Award

MCB 11/15/08 Kansas City, MO
MACOG, the State Emergency Management Agency and Office of Homeland Security were recognized by the Missouri Chapter of the American Planning Association with a 2008 Excellence in Planning Award for Project Implementation for the Statewide Homeland Security Regionalization program. In announcing the award, the APA Chapter noted the extensive collaborative network necessary for the regionalization program to be a success and the regional planning and prioritization that ensured the most effective investment of public dollars for homeland security initiatives. Accepting the award at the APA Chapter's State Conference on behalf of MACOG was Marlene Nagel, Community Development Director of the Mid-America Regional Council, and Maureen Burke, Area Coordinator for the State Emergency Management Agency.

Misouri Community Betterment Celebrates 45 Years

10/16/08 Branson West, MO
The Missouri Community Betterment (MCB) Program is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year successfully helping Missouri communities enhance their community life through overall community development, planning, and implementation. Work to start MCB began in Missouri in 1962, when chamber of commerce leaders, state agency officials, utility representatives, and others began the formation of the program. In 1963 the program was established as a part of the then Division of Commerce and Industrial Development, now known as the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

The MCB Program accomplishes its mission primarily by lending technical assistance to communities, by hosting informational meetings across the state, by officially recognizing the participating communities, neighborhoods, and individual adult and youth community volunteers throughout the state, and by rewarding those that excel in the program.

The Missouri Community Betterment Educational Fund, Inc. (MCBEF) is a private, not-for-profit Corporation made up of businesses, public utilities, community representatives, federal and state agencies and individuals.  MCBEF is the sponsor organization of the MCB Program and fulfills its purpose by providing strategic direction, determining the process for judging, community participation, designing the annual conference to recognize community achievements, and obtaining the necessary funding for the program.

The MCB Program is now more important than ever to communities. More and more federal and state programs, as well as non-governmental programs, are looking at where they can best invest their money – a kind of viability test. They are looking at the needs of the community, but also at “What has the community done for its part?” “Does it have its act together?” Does the community have a strong organization and an overall program and plan in place so it can maximize the benefits from outside assistance?” A broad-based MCB organization with an overall plan can provide this framework for outside assistance from other programs.

Sharing vital information for community improvement is a part of the MCB concept. Now available on the MCB website (www.mocommunitybetterment.com) are: a resource guide to provide financial and technical assistance for communities, a forum to allow communities to interact with one another, an inventory form to assist communities in their local planning processes, MCB community visit criteria to determine if a community qualifies for personalized local assistance, and other important information. MCB also publishes monthly newsletters to keep communities updated on all MCB activities.

There are no dues, and any community in Missouri may participate. MCB recognized communities have been as small as a population of 53, to communities over 20,000 populations. The Missouri Community Betterment Annual Conference is set for October 19 and 20, 2008 at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City. Representatives from all Missouri communities and neighborhoods are cordially invited to attend the conference by contacting MCB.
Please note the next time you drive into a community in the state, and see the MCB logo attached to the local city limit sign, that you are entering a progressive community that has its’ act together, and is working hard with local adult and youth volunteer leaders to make their community a better place to live, to work, to visit and to do business.

You may contact MCB Executive Director Jan Simon at 417-334-3474 or by e-mail at mcb@iland.net