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Services Provided by Missouri's Regional Planning Commissions

Missouri regional councils provide a diverse and important array of services to local governments and communities. While activities vary among organizations, RPCs are engaged in many of the following services and issues.

Economic Development Activities

Infrastructure Grant Applications
Grant administration services
Industrial park development
Infrastructure enhancement planning
Business loan packaging
Business loan administration
Job training services
Tourism marketing/development
Classroom educational training
Industry site selection services
Environmental assessment services
Business / Industry recruitment

Information Services

Census affiliate
Census data recordkeeping
Community profile development
Regional technical / resource center
Planning / Technical reference library
Utility usage data management
Labor statistics recordkeeping

Community Services

GIS services
Mapping services
Comprehensive planning services
Land use planning services
Strategic planning services
Economic development planning
Parks and recreational planning
Transit studies
Transportation planning
Solid waste planning
Solid waste district administration
Emergency preparedness planning
Community surveys & focus groups
Feasibility studies
Housing programs
Healthcare planning & administration

Community Services cont.

Business incubator programs
Port authority administration
Floodplain management
Childcare services
Zoning and subdivision regulations
Welfare to work implementation
Aquaculture planning
Caring Community administration
Criminal justice planning
Environmental planning
Utility mapping
HUD public housing authority
State clearinghouse review partner
Local officials training workshops
Cooperative purchasing
Historic preservation
Ordinance codification
City administration

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